Repair Centre

Most jewellery can be cleaned at home but sometimes, a delicate item might require specialist cleaning to avoid damage.
Day to day activities such as housework and gardening can take its toll on your rings and bracelets. In particular, jewellery containing stones can need cleaning because dirt gets caught around the stone and is tricky to remove yourself. Jewellery can get scratched and scuffed from everyday wear, but it can be easily be buffed back to a smooth shine.

You can be sure we will respect your jewellery and take care of it while giving it a new lease of life. Our cleaning, buffing and polishing processes are completely safe for your treasured jewellery.

If you have a white gold ring to be re-plated or cleaned, try our rhodium plating service.

Also we provide a gold plating service. Our minimum rhodium plating service only starts at £24.99 per item. Gold plating service from £14.99 per item.